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A Matter of Distance And Nearness

As a urban planner said, the way out of congestion and pollution in Delhi is to expand out. This cannot be more true. Infrastructure – both residential and commercial – in older parts of Delhi is overburdened. Dwarka had come as a relief two decades ago. Today, it is witnessing another phase of development and has come to the rescue of the rising middle-class in need of an affordable and planned housing.

Moreover, today the focus is on developing Dwarka as the best Smart City in Delhi. Projects like Smart City Residency are developing technology-oriented and nature-friendly housing units.

Health Distance, But Conveniently Close

The advantage Dwarka Smart City will offer its residents is that it is situated far from the hustle and bustle of the main districts of Delhi. Dwarka is probably the least congested part of Delhi now. This not only allows more open and green spaces but also adds to the improvement of your health. Children get to grow in an environment that provides better air for physical and sports activity.

At the same time, Dwarka is close enough for you to reach other parts of Delhi/NCR in a short time. You have Delhi Metro connecting Dwarka to almost every part of the city. There is the IGI airport in the vicinity. Reaching the airport is a big hassle for most people because of the high chance of getting stuck in traffic. However, when you live close, and roads within Dwarka are wide and well-built, you can be inside the airport within an hour.

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