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Delhi Smart City Residency

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Delhi Smart City Residency

Delhi Smart City Residency

Smart City Residency

All over the world, it is the same story. More and more people are living and moving to cities today than any other time in human history. In India’s case, the migration of people to cities have accelerated in the last twenty years. This, of course, is a result of liberalization and the opening up of the economy which creates more jobs in the cities. And, as we all know, Indian cities are filled with middle-class professionals as our service sector is booming.

The most important need of the professional (whether individual or family) is planned and affordable housing. Now, it can appear that we have articulated the criterion very broadly. However, on closer inspection, with some examples, it will emerge that in Delhi these two words sum up the concerns of a home buyer.

A house qualifies as affordable, especially in a city like Delhi with ever rising living costs, only if it does not eat into the everyday budget of an individual or family. The latter’s case is especially concerning because children’s education and other related expenses take a major share of the family income. This, of course, does not mean that you compromise on the planning criterion. This is what we at Smart City Residency understand so well. A house is good and desirable when it is in a planned locality as well. One needs all the community infrastructure to live a good life. This includes parks, parking space, community center, playground, etc. We are sure you can find big houses in congested localities as well. However, a planned and green neighborhood contributes substantially towards you living a peaceful and healthier life.

Delhi Smart City Residency

New Smart City Residency

Smart City Residency project also takes in to account the difficulty women face in finding good housing. Affordable or not, it is problem that persists even in today’s time. Also, in place of better security they are charged higher rents – as if this by itself would entail a greater sense of safety to you. Whether you are single working woman, or have a family, you can enjoy the benefit of Smart City Residency reserving 33% of all housing units for women.

The guiding force behind Smart City Residency’s mission is the Prime Minister’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. Our goal corresponds fully with the Prime Minister’s – affordable and good housing for all.


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Society Membership Plan-1

Land Pooling Amount () To Be Paid Within

Type Accommodation Proportionate Land Size (Sq.Ft.) Land Pooling Amount () Registration () 7 Days From Application () 30 Days From Application ()
I 1 BHK 475 831250 10000 135225 140125
II 2 BHK (Small)+2T 775 1356250 10000 223725 228625
III 2 BHK (Large)+2T 975 1706250 10000 282725 287625
IV 2 BHK+SQ+3T 1175 2056250 10000 341725 346625
V 3 BHK+3T 1475 2581250 10000 430225 435125
VI 3 BHK+SQ+4T 1675 2931250 10000 489225 494125
VII 4 BHK+SQ+5T 2100 3675000 10000 614600 619500

Society Membership Plan-2

Land Pooling Amount () To Be Paid Within

Type Accommodation Proportionate Land Size (Sq.Ft.) Land Pooling Amount () Registration () 7 Days From Application () 30 Days From Application ()
I 1 BHK 475 712500 10000 232600 475000
II 2 BHK (Small)+2T 775 1162500 10000 382600 775000
III 2 BHK (Large)+2T 975 1462500 10000 482600 975000
IV 2 BHK+SQ+3T 1175 1762500 10000 582600 1175000
V 3 BHK+3T 1475 2212500 10000 732600 1475000
VI 3 BHK+SQ+4T 1675 2512500 10000 832600 1675000
VII 4 BHK+SQ+5T 2100 3150000 10000 1045100 2100000

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